One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

hello from Kansas City

I am in Kansas City this week for work. I don't have my camera, so I don't have any new pics. I thought I would post some updates though:
- swimming is going okay... I am getting better (thanks to practice and lessons), but the hardest thing for me is figuring out how to breathe efficiently. I get super out of breath after only a couple laps... my muscles are fine and aren't getting tired, but I find myself having to stop and catch my breath. I need to relax more and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
- our niece Lola was baptized this past Sunday. Travis and I were very honored to be chosen as her godparents. She is such a sweet little baby! I am thinking that Kim might put pics on her blog... if not, I will have some when I get back into town.
- Noah has turned into quite the talker... he is starting to mimic everything you say. He regularly uses the words ball, hi, bub-bye, Cocoa.
- Evelyn loves books, pretend cooking, and getting tickled. She is also getting a little demanding. It is pretty funny. She knows what she wants, and she wants it NOW! We had cake on Sunday for Lola's baptism and later that night after dinner Evelyn declared "I want some cake!!". We had a hard time convincing her that we didn't have any cake, it was at Kim's house. Also, every time we get in the car now she immediately points to the cd player and yells "music!". She has a cd of Easter songs that we have been listening to non-stop for the past month.
- Travis is still the best husband in the world (nothing new). He really goes out of his way to make events extra special-- most recently my birthday and mother's day. He also is extremely supportive of my workout goals/training for the triathlon. I tend to go to the gym after the kids are in bed -- which cuts into a little bit of our "grown-up" time together. He never says anything about me being gone at night -- and he actually pushes me to swim more often because he knows that I am nervous about the swim portion. He is so great with the kids -- I laugh just thinking about some of the silly things that he does with the two of them. I love that man!!

That's all for now -- I'll be home on Friday night :)


Kathy said...

the best way for me to breathe efficiently during a long swim is to sing in the water. I sing both under and on top the water. It's the rhythm in singing that does the trick.

Anonymous said...

I am taining for a triathlon as well. I kind of self taught myself to swim laps efficiently. I breath to both sides, (took awhile to get comfortable) and every 4th stroke works well for me, three stokes and a breath on the fourth. Good luck!!

alanna rose said...

I swam on our school's synchro team (lots of breath control) - part of our workout was to swim ladders. You start by breathing every third stroke, the next lap every 5th, then every 7th and then every 9th, and then back down. Try it :)

Melissa said...

It was fun to see you and the whole Vandervort crew on Sunday. What a beautiful baptism.

So glad that your training is coming along. Maybe one day you'll inspire me to get in the pool and actually LEARN how to swim. Or maybe you can teach me. :)

Have a great trip!

Kara said...

You are right near my home town :) Hope we can touch base this week. Miss you!!

The Wi Family said...

It's been forever since we've seen you guys! Glad that things are going well. And way to go on the Triathalon training--I'm just working on doing 5k in August, so I think you are truly amazing!