One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 pics

This picture is for Grammy -- Evelyn before church today:

Noah & Evelyn went to a birthday party at ChuckECheese last weekend -- here was one of my favorite parts:Whack-A-Mole!! I was happy to see that they still had the game -- and even had a toddler version, too :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Running & Soaking Up the Sun

We have been having beautiful weather here recently -- and we have all been LOVING it!! The kids enjoyed the zoo yesterday morning and playing at the park in the afternoon... I even picked the kids up from school on Friday in their stroller! It was fun -- I walked there with an empty stroller (and got a few strange looks from people wondering where my kids were) -- and the kids enjoyed a nice walk home in the sunshine :)

Here is Evelyn before church this morning -- she is funny -- she somehow knew today was Sunday so as soon as we got up she said "okay -- put my tights on -- it is time to go to church!!" She definitely knows the routine.

In running news... I'm doing it. The Mercer Island Half Marathon. Well, I still haven't decided whether I am going to do the 10K or the half marathon... but I am going to do something. The run benefits colon cancer prevention -- which is very near and dear to my heart.

I am finishing up Week 8 in the 12 week training program for the half. So far -- so good -- but I still have more mileage to build up. 2 things scare me though...

  1. this is a hilly course. It will be scenic -- but tough. A friend told me to avoid the island races due to their elevation changes... I chose this race anyway, hopefully I won't regret it!
  2. I have been having a little bit of tenderness in my right ankle... I took a few days off, hoping that will help :)

I keep thinking "if my dad can go through painful surgeries and chemo, I can surely do this!!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeps Getting Better

Well... 2 days last week Evelyn didn't cry when Travis left her at school (I was out of town). This morning she cried -- but at the end of the day, her teacher said that she had a great day. I could tell when I got there that she had fun... she immediately started telling me about playing with Play-doh, learning about horses, painting a horse, etc. We are making progress :)

I LOVE all the new activities that the kids are being exposed to at their new school!! The arts & crafts are fantastic! Here is what Noah made us for Valentine's day:
All for now -- the kids passed along a bug that took hold in my throat -- so I am going to try to kill it with some Nyquil and a good night's rest!

Friday, February 5, 2010

This is how a heart breaks

Let's just say that it has been a stressful week. The kids started a new "school" on Monday, and it is proving to be a little challenging for Evelyn. I fully expected this to happen -- I thought Noah would be fine... and he is. We get to the childcare center, I ask him if he wants to go play... he happily yells "YEAH!!" and runs away to play with the toys.

Evelyn is a different story. Monday was actually the easiest of the days to drop her off... there were tears, but not a lot. Every day since has been a total struggle. She tells me first thing in the morning that she doesn't want to go to school. Once we are there she screams, tells me that she doesn't want me to leave, tells me that she wants to come with me, etc. It truly is heartbreaking. Not the best way to start my mornings. I am emotionally exhausted before 8AM!

The kids have always been in a "in-home daycare". I felt this was great when they were infants... smaller group of kids, more one-on-one attention, etc. However, I have felt for a while now that Evelyn needed a little bit more. The new school will have a lot more structure, craft time & outdoor play time every day, includes a pre-school, etc. Evelyn will eventually love it at her new school... I have no doubts about that. We just need to get through this transition phase.
On a happier note, Evelyn's hair is finally long enough for cute pigtails!!