One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From one hamster wheel to the next...

Last weekend was B-U-S-Y.  The great thing about busy is that the kids get all tired out and don't have the energy to misbehave too much  :)  I took the kids Friday night to an outdoor youth circus -- we went last year, and the kids loved it.  It didn't disappoint.  Travis came home late Friday night from traveling all week, and then went golfing Saturday morning.  I woke up and took the kids to the Renton River Days Festival.  We got there right when it opened -- and the early bird really does get the worm -- the kids inflatables and activities were all open, and there were NO lines!!!  A mom's (and kid's) dream  :)

I was really proud of Evelyn - she wanted to try everything!!  Here she is coming out of the human hamster ball -- she was really good at walking inside this huge orb.  It was fun to watch her do it.  She also strapped on a harness and tried to climb a HUGE rock climbing wall.  Adults were doing it -- she was the littlest one that I saw attempt it.  She went about half-way up before coming down -- I was one proud momma!  She is really becoming a brave little girl.
 In running news, I have been on the human hamster wheel for workouts lately (can't really run outside during the week when Trav is out of town)  So, I went for a run by myself Sunday morning.  It wasn't as long as I would have liked, but I managed to get in a little over 6 miles.  I came to the conclusion that I am my own worst enemy lately...  not sure what has gotten into me, but there is a lot of doubt and negative talk going on in my head.  It is frustrating. 

Know what else is frustrating???  This blogger-picture uploader tool!! no matter how many times I rotate my pictures and
save them, some are upside down  :( 
  This weekend is a women's retreat weekend.  I went last year, made a lot of new friends, and came home energized and full of determination.  I would say the timing is perfect  :) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

See Jane (& Michelle) Run 13.1

I am not sure whether it is my computer or blogger or what -- but these sideways pictures are driving me crazy!!!  No matter how many times I upload them, they won't show up the right way...  guess you will have to tilt your head :)

Noah was promised a big boy bed (full size) when he finally got rid of all of his pull-ups and used the potty all the time.  He was a late bloomer in this regard -- and it was driving me crazy!!!  Well... as you can see below, we finally turned the corner and he is 99% accident free for three weeks (one small accident at school). 

Evelyn and Noah enjoying his new bed:
Such a proud little guy:
In running news... I had an exciting weekend  :)  A runner acquaintence of mine posted on facebook last Wednesday that she was injured and wouldn't be able to run the See Jane Run half-marathon that was taking place Sunday in Seattle.  She was looking for someone to take her entry, since she couldn't use it.  Nobody took it -- so Friday I sent her a message and said that I would love to use it.  I had 9-10 miles that I wanted to do, and no running partner again, and to be honest... I wasn't feeling extremely positive about being able to put in the mileage on my own.  I figured that surrounding myself with a few thousand strong female runners would be just the motivation that I needed! My mental game has needed some work lately -- that is almost as important as putting in the physical training/mileage!!

So... I woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to the starting line.  The weather had changed a bit -- and it was a chilly morning.  There was also a light misty rain -- and quite a bit of wind coming in off the lake.  Needless to say, I was trying to find any excuse to back out of the race.  I was thinking about just running the 6 miles around the lake and skipping the race...  I was thinking about just going back home and going to bed... 

But -- I ended up being able to give myself a pep talk that sunk in... and I headed to the starting line.  I had on shorts and a tank -- and was pretty cold at the start -- but warmed up before I even hit the one mile marker.  The first almost 10 miles were good -- I was maintaining a 10 min mile pace -- and I was happy with that.  I wasn't pushing my limits, because after all, this was supposed to be a training run  :)  The last three miles were tough -- my feet were hurting and feeling a little numb -- and my legs felt like lead -- so I took turns running and walking to the finish line.  And -- as usual -- the feeling of crossing the finish line is worth every ounce of pain experienced during the race  :)

Here I am after the race:
I was seriously on a high for the rest of the day --- my body was exhausted -- but my heart & soul was beaming :) 

I have another 12 miles on the schedule for this Saturday --  I am feeling much more confident about this weekend's miles, that is for sure  :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

*Fireworks* and Grasshoppers

A little behind already in blog posts...ugh.  Better late than never though  :)
My mom came into town for a bit around the 4th of July - so things have been busy, but lots of fun, too!!
We went to our friend Melissa's house for a BBQ on the 4th - here is a quick family photo that was taken before we left:
 Evelyn also had her first t-ball game last week -- she is on Team Grasshopper.  She made it on base a few times - and was pretty proud of herself (we were proud of her, too - obviously!).  Here she is on third base with Travis (the third base coach):
 Unfortunately Noah is too young to play this year -- but he is a proud little brother.  Here he is giving out cuddles and hugs:
In running news, I ran last Saturday (ran alone though - and forgot to get a pic).  I didn't hit my goal mileage -- but I got in just under 7 miles.  I slept in a little and had a late start... and it was hot out already...  excuses, excuses.  Everybody has one  :) 
I WILL do better this Saturday.  My goal is 9 (or maybe I can squeeze in 10).  My main running partner (Sarah) is traveling still, so I will most likely be on my own again.  I think the key might be running somewhere other than a run that starts at my front door...  I seem to do better on a path or planned route of some sort. For some reason I treat those runs as more important -- and I don't allow myself to take as many breaks.  I will also remember to get a sweaty pic - cuz I am sure you all like those  ;)