One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Run Like A Diva - Myrtle Beach

My annual girls destination race weekend took place two weekends ago.  The group has changed slightly through the past few years, but Dee and Bri have done it with me every year.  This year's trip was to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We all flew in on Friday morning (I took the red-eye thursday night from Seattle - yuck!) - and arrived at our hotel to a beautiful two bedroom suite.  Thanks to Jenelle and Dee's hotel points from work travel, we had a great deal on our accomodations  :)

Friday night we went out on the town -- duh  :)  Here is a pic of Bri and I from dinner at a brewery/steakhouse - Bri was my "little sister" in the sorority at Michigan Tech. We are all Delta Zetas.  We found a bar with live music, and danced the night away. 

Saturday - we recovered.  We slept in, and got up just in time for the continental breakfast at the hotel.  We showered and headed to the race expo to pick up our bibs.  We also took some time to scope out the start/finish area and parking situation for the next morning. 
Here we are at the expo in the cute technical race shirts:

As for the race... ugh.  I was "off" right from the moment I got up in the morning.  The race started at 7AM Eastern (which is 4AM Seattle time).  We were up at 5AM (2AM Seattle --- double Ugh!!)  I was sick to my stomach as soon as I woke up... could barely get down an english muffin and some fluids.  I knew right from the start that it wasn't going to be my race - I immediatly starting cramping in my one calf (dehydration I think --- probably had a little to do with the heavy drinking on Friday night.... ooops!!)  But... long story short, I finished. 
Any day that I can run 13.1 miles is a good day in my book!!!!  :)

At mile 12, they gave out tiaras and boas... and check out those HUGE medals!  They seriously hurt our necks after about 20 minutes - so heavy!!
The race was Sunday morning, and I didn't have to leave until Tuesday afternoon -- it was awesome. After the race we went back to the hotel to lounge by the pool and relax. The hotel had multiple pools, and the best part.... it had a lazy river!! With huge yellow tubes to just lay in and float around on.... truly heaven. Monday and Tuesday were perfect for relaxing and really taking time to "recharge our batteries". Just what I needed...

Here I am with Dee on Monday afternoon:

The best part of the vacation is hanging with such great, true friends. I love being able to just kinda pick up where we left off, every time we are together. I seriously don't think we stopped talking for three days straight!!! It was hysterical :) And therapeutic  :)  They are all such strong, successful women, too. I am truly honored to call them my friends.

I also need to put a big thank you to Travis in here... thanks for supporting me and my crazy running goals, training, girls weekends, etc.  LOVE you!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All about the kiddos :)

Time for a kiddo update...  Noah was invited to a birthday party this past weekend.  The weather was beautiful, so the kids played some outdoor games before moving into a party room for lunch, cake, and presents.  Here is Noah trying to catch a small water balloon... he was unsuccessful. 

Thankfully Sally was in town visiting, so she took Evelyn out to lunch and had some one-on-one time with her when I went to the party with Noah (Travis was golfing with Bob and some friends).  After the party we met up with Turynn at the park across the street.  Here are Evelyn and Turynn:
 Later that night we had a picnic dinner at the park.  We have been blessed with beautiful May weather lately!!  Below is a picture of Evelyn taken at the park after school earlier this week.  I love being able to play outside in the sunshine before heading home to do dinner and bedtime.  The kids obviously love it, too!!  
 Notice Evelyn's headband in the two pics....  we share sparkle headbands -- I initially bought them for me to wear when I run.    Little girl has a big head!! -- ha ha  ;)
All for now.... another girls weekend this weekend....  in MYRTLE BEACH!!  (Thanks again, Trav!!)  We will be running "Run Like A Diva" on Sunday  :)

Eugene weekend

So I am behind... again.  But I am trying to catch up  :)  I recently had a girls weekend/trip to Eugene for a half marathon.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I said half  :(  I initially signed up for the full... got bronchitis, went on vacation, etc --- and fell off the training program.  There just wasn't enough time to catch back up to the mileage I needed to do. 

Three of us girls left Friday afternoon and headed to Portland.  We decided to break up the drive and spend the night there.  We had an amazing Italian pasta dinner, walked around a bit, and then went to bed.  Early the next day we stopped and did a little shopping (I heart Lululemon, just not their prices... ouch!!) before heading south to Eugene.  At least it is tax-free shopping in Oregon!!!

Once we got to Eugene, we went to the expo to pick up our packets, bib numbers, etc.. .and then decided to walk around  campus a little bit.  Betsy graduated from Univ of Oregon, so she was a great tour guide.  It was a really pretty campus, I am sure it is a fun place to go to school.  (don't mind my sideways photo --- it won't let me change it for some reason, no matter how many times I try!!)
Here we are checking out the finish line --- we finished right on the famous Hayward field track  :)
Here I am post-race.  It wasn't a great race (actually might have been my slowest race ever!)... but it was an enjoyable one. I didn't feel strong right from the start, and when my body started to get tired/achey, I decided to slow down and just take it easy.  I knew I wasn't going to set any personal records, and I didn't want to risk injury either. 
Overall it was a fun weekend.  I enjoyed being able to get in some girl time.  I need to thank Travis for taking care of the kids all weekend while I went and played....  I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up to Do...

Geez, I have been a horrible blogger lately.  I am given the same 1,440 minutes per day as everyone else... but for some reason I have had a hard time fitting everything in.  Blogging seems to be one of the first things to go... then housework, and returning phone calls, and working out... Ugh.  I am very thankful that Travis is in town this week - it makes my world a much happier place  :)

We had a great Easter this year -- had Chuck, Kim, Lola and Olive over for brunch after church.  We also had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard.  This picture was taken after the hunt -- I think it really highlights the three kids' personalities. Not sure why Noah is making that pose.... but I think it is hysterical!!    (Noah, Evelyn & their cousin Lola)
 Noah turned 4 on April 9th.  He got some cool toys for his birthday - some of his favorites are his dinosaur 3-d puzzles and his super-soaker squirt guns (they are battery-powered, very cool for the big kids to play with, too!!)  Here is my little man getting ready to eat cake:
 Evelyn was excited to help me plant some flowers this year.  I helped my mom plant tulips and some other flowers when I was growing up, and it is a fond memory of mine.  I was glad to be able to share this experience with Evelyn, too.  We don't have a huge area for planting -- which was perfect, because she didn't get bored of the activity/work!! 
 This past weekend we went on a family hike to Twin Falls.  We went with the Mertel family, too.  Sarah is one of my favorite running partners - and it was our first time getting the families together.  Her kids are a little younger, but Evelyn and Noah enjoyed having new friends to play with. 
 The hike was a fun, free activity.  I really liked how the kids could run, scream, throw things, play with sticks, etc -- and I didn't mind at all  :)  This was a crowd favorite - a small area off the trail where the kids could throw rocks in the water.  They probably could have played there for hours. 
I need to get the Eugene half-marathon post up soon...  hopefully tomorrow.  Too tired tonight ;)