One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello old friend...

We hadn't been to the park since well before xmas -- and that is pretty sad since it is literally about 150 yards from our house. With the snow, rain, guests during the holidays, Cocoa's surgery, etc. we just haven't been able to get over there. This weekend the weather was beautiful, so we were at the park every day! Cocoa and Evelyn were thrilled!

Have to include a couple bath photos from tonight, too:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tooth proof

Here is the proof of the new tooth (quite the tongue twister, huh?) The tooth is on his top right...
Gotta love the baby fat and double (or maybe triple) chins in this one!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A day for the baby book...

Today is a very important day -- my big guy has his first tooth!! His upper central incisor finally popped through. I know -- weird tooth to get first -- but neither of my kids pay attention to what they are supposed to do or when they are supposed to do it -- so why would they pay attention to what the baby books say??

We knew the tooth was coming... you could see it trying to pop through for the last couple weeks. Noah also had extremely red-rosy cheeks for a stretch right around Christmas time. My mom swears that both my brother and I had rosy cheeks when we were cutting teeth.

In other news... we have a very cool new toy in our household. We purchased a Sony Universal Remote to work our tv, dvd player, vcr, stereo components, etc. I was sick of having the clutter of 4 different remotes laying around, nobody knowing how to use them, etc. Travis is busy programming the remote to do all sorts of cool things -- he is doing a great job. Some of the reviews talk about it being difficult or nearly impossible to program... but I figured that two engineers should be able to figure it out :) Actually, Travis has pretty much done it all on his own... he won't admit it, but I think he is enjoying the process of figuring it all out. I am just happy to have such a smarty-pants husband :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 months

Here is our big guy -- 9 months old -- happy as ever :) Still not crawling yet... but in his defense, he has a lot of weight to pull around (not sure exactly, but he is probably close to 25 lbs!!) His check-up is next week -- I will fill you in on more stats then.

In other news, the New Year has been crazy so far! Cocoa had to get surgery on her paw to get a growth removed... good news is that it isn't cancerous. Bad news is that the vet bill was enormous! My work had lay-offs last week... over 25% of the sales reps that carry my products got let go. The good news is that I still have a job. I was in Portland for part of last week for a work meeting... I flew back on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning the whole family drove down to Portland to visit some of Trav's relatives. His aunt and uncle babysat Saturday night so Travis and I could enjoy date-night. We went to a Trailblazers game and had a blast :) Drove back home earlier today. I have a work dinner tomorrow night... and lots of other stuff going on this week. I like keeping busy -- but this is insane!