One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Potty Purchase?

Our pediatrician recommended buying a potty so that Evelyn coyld get used to seeing it, having it around, etc... She is nowhere near ready for potty-training, but I guess we need to pick up a seat of some sort.

I am completely clueless as far as what different types are out there... Does anyone have recommendations? What do you like/dislike about what you have?

In other news, we are leaving tomorrow morning to go on a little vacation with Trav's side of the family. His parents, brother (Chuck), and brother's wife (Kim) will all be going. Kim is pregnant (about 4 weeks to go) -- so it is their last vacation for a little while :) We are taking the ferry over to Whidby Island and staying in the little town of Langley. Should be fun!! I'll update with pics when we return...


Kara said...

I have 2 different types...I have one that is an external seat. It sits close to the ground and has a lid...basically like a regular stool. Then I have a potty seat that allows the kids to sit on the "big" potty.

I am still struggling with the training bit. I do like the one that allows them to sit on the big potty. I recommend getting both and allowing her to pick. We put the little potty in the play room so they could get used to it. Now they'll sit on the stool, but have yet to do their thing in it.

Good luck!!!

Laura said...

We have both like Kara. The best things about the one that sits on your potty, is they can't get down without your help!
G is a big helper and if she uses the little potty, she insists on emptying it into the toilet, which can be very messy.
Before I put the kids in the tub, Austin gets to sit naked on the seat on the big pot. Since he sees us all sit on it, he thinks that it is the coolest thing ever.
I'm going to sit with Kara, get both.

AJ said...

I have both too. With Ava we started with the external (it's just a regular old non-musical, non-talking one) and once she got the hang of that, we moved to the one that fits on the toilet.

I got them out about a month ago for Noah, and he likes to sit on them, but he has yet to do his business in a potty. I figure since he's a boy and a second child, I'm not going to force the issue. Besides that, my day care lady trains the summer between when they're 2 and 3, so it's hard for me to work with him at home if it won't be continued during the week. But, he's shown no signs of interest other than sitting on the potty and sucking his thumb:)

Abbey said...

We just have the potty seats that fit on a regular toilet seat. I will say Emerson was a little bit scared at first (she has this fear of falling off stuff), but now she is fine. I also purchased the same kind of seat that folds up. Came in handy this weekend when we were out to dinner and she told me she wanted to go to the bathroom. Po po in the potty while we were out for the first time! It was very exciting.
Have fun on your trip!

mel_fitz said...

wish I could be of assistance, however, I am still struggling w/ Kobe. all I know is that bribery is the only way he will even consider trying.

Jaime said...

i have heard from friends that the Boon seat is amazing.