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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nursery decorating...

We have made a ton of progress the past two weeks with the new baby's nursery. Travis had to move our spare bedroom furniture out of the new nursery (which involved taking apart the daybed that was in there), he moved that furniture into a smaller spare bedroom on the side of the house. He then had to pick up the new furniture, put the crib together, and get the neighbor's help to carry the dresser up the stairs -- I obviously am in no condition to be carrying heavy dressers :)

Trav's mom has been hard at work again making bedding, window treatments, etc for the new baby's room. She is such a sewing/quilting queen -- she is very talented! The bedskirt and window treatments are complete -- and she is still working on a quilt/wall hanging, small pillow, and also a throw blanket.

Tonight Travis had the job of hanging the window treatments. The window is huge (94" wide) -- so it wasn't a simple task. He did a great job though!!

Here is a picture of the tab curtains Sally made:
New crib:
Closer detail of the crib skirt:Travis hard at work... He thought it was silly that I was taking pictures of him hanging the curtains, so he wasn't being very camera-friendly :)Finished product:The room still has work left to do -- but it is starting to come together. I am getting more and more anxious to meet our little guy every day!! It is hard to imagine that in less than 6 weeks we will have a newborn in our house again!


AJ said...

Very cute curtains. She did an awesome job sewing too, they look very professional!

mel_fitz said...

super cute decorating.
I can e-mail you the workouts I did. Or just some ideas. I've come up w/ them on my own. I've taken some training classes and just figured out what works best.

Kara said...

Great choices for the curtains, skirt. I also LOVE the furniture.

I can't wait to see the "finished" product!! I am hoping to have the nurser done in the next few weeks. Still waiting on the paintings.

So glad we were able to talk today. I miss you tons. Not too much longer until we meet our little ones!!

Jodie said...


Abbey said...

Love the sock monkey theme.
You and Kara make me feel like a bit of slacker...I just finished painting Brynn's room this weekend, she's only 4 months;) Have a bit of an excuse that we needed a place for my parent's to stay, but now that they have their own house here, we moved them out. We hope to have Brynn in her room before Emerson's birthday!