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Friday, February 8, 2008

No name yet...

So -- Travis and I are having a hard time deciding on a name for our little guy. We had a pretty easy time deciding on Evelyn -- we actually have a couple more favorite girls names left over that we would have used if this baby was going to be a girl. Boy names are much harder!!

Travis dislikes any boy name that is too trendy. He is even more traditional with boy names than he was with girl names... I like old and new boy names -- just depends on the name.

We spent some time before Christmas coming up with lists of our favorite boy names. I made a list of around 12 names and Travis did the same -- we were hoping to find a match between the two lists. No such luck. I didn't really like any of the names he listed, and he didn't particularly like any of my names either.

It is now February and we aren't any closer to coming to an agreement -- UGH!! I was trying to explain to Travis last night that I want to decide on a name soon. I don't want to broadcast the name (we kept Evelyn's name a secret until she was born). I just want to have a name for the little guy that is growing inside of me. With Evelyn I felt like it helped me bond with her before she was born -- I know it sounds silly -- but I swear it helped.

Also, I don't want to wait until we are at the hospital or after he is born to decide. There are way too many hormones and emotions at that point in time to make that big of a decision. I am too much of a planner to allow that to happen :)

If you have any boy names that you like, send them my way... I am open to any and all suggestions.


AJ said...

Names are tough to decide. JR and I probably went through 200 boys names, and Noah was the only one we could agree on. It is super common now, but so is Ava. They are both on the top 10 lists, and every time we go to the mall or grocery store it seems like we hear another Ava or Noah being called. But in the end, I think you have to go with what you like and not worry about everyone else. I wanted something biblical too, so I was happy when JR liked 'Noah.'

I looked at a lot of sites, just for ideas:

and the SSA office to see how common the names are:

Kara said...

I have given you a few idea for boy names, but I don't think Travis was a fan of them (if I remember correctly)

I'll continue to look and give you some ideas. I know it is tough!!!

Stephie said...

I love Elliot, but J thinks it doesn't work with our last name :( Evelyn and Elliot sound cute together though :)

Laura said...

Good luck! We had to go back to the hospital after we brought Austin home to officially give him a name. We could not agree on anything.
I'd suggest family names. Austin is named after my great-grandfather, and Georgia after Case's great-grandmother.

Brooks Family said...

I love the names Blake & Alec. I have cousins with those names, but I would totally use Alec if I didn't. I think Blake would sound bad with Brooks as a last name!

Good Luck! Can't wait to hear what you choose :)

Jodie said...

Hey!! I didn't know you were pregnant with number 2! Liz H. has been slacking on her email updates to me. ;) Congratulations!!

And Jayda's hair is naturally wavy. It only looks good if I blow dry it.

mel_fitz said...

I agree about the bonding thing. I was the same way w/ both kids.
I'm into the name Ben. Scott and I took forever to go thru names and pick one we both liked.