One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exercising and Belly Support?

Does anyone out there know anything or have experience with something for belly support to use during exercise? I have been doing a good job of getting to the gym regularly -- my goal is still a minimum of 4 days/week. I am hoping that by staying active I will have a quick recovery from my c-section again this time -- (and meet my weight goal/fitting in my "wedding" jeans goal by my 30th birthday -- April 2009)

However, I delivered Evelyn when I was not much bigger than I am now... And recently when I have been exercising, I have been feeling increased pressure from my belly. I get that constant "have to go to the bathroom" feeling. My belly also feels about twice as heavy when exercising than it does when I am just going about my daily activities. I'm not doing anything high-impact or jarring... I have just been doing the elliptical, stair climber, fast-walking on the treadmill, etc -- but the only thing that doesn't give me that "heavy belly" feeling is the stationary bike (my least favorite). I don't even get that feeling as much when Travis and I go for a walk together at night... probably because we are walking at a little slower pace.

I am wondering if I should look into one of those belly support bands? I know some people that carry multiple babies wear them a lot to help with the added weight of their belly... and I have heard that the marthon runner mom wore one when she would run while pregnant... I just don't want to spend the money and deal with the hassle if it isn't going to help. And I only have 2 months left -- is it worth it? Has anyone used one? Seen one? Heard of anyone that used one?


AJ said...

I didn't use a belly band or make it to the gym while pregnant for that matter! But I can totally empathize on the second baby being harder. Noah was so much harder for me. For one, your uterus remembers how to expand, so it just pops right out there. With Ava at 7 mos pregnant, I could have passed for just a little chubby. With Noah, I needed help getting out of a chair by 7 mos! Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but it was noticelably worse. I think that taking care of a child while pregnant makes it so much harder.

Good job for staying active, I know it's not easy. I have a pregnancy yoga video that I liked, it has some strength training and stretching. I picked it up for only like $15, maybe yoga would help with the constant 'heaviness' feeling??

Kara said...

First....I love the video of Evelyn. She is doing a great job climbing the stairs. It was cute when she stopped and wanted Trav's attention.

As for a belly advice there. When I was pregnant with the twins, my belly was VERY heavy and I always supported it with my hands when I walked, etc. I probably should have gotten some kind of support, but since I was on bedrest, I managed without it.

The Wyatt's said...

I used a belly band with the boys when I was doing any long or fast walking. I carried 100% of my weight in my tummy area, so from the back I looked pretty normal from the side you'd think my stomach would hit you. I just bought one from Motherhood and that worked okay for me. Depending on how much pain you're in, if this is your last baby and how much you want to continue to work out then you may find it helpful and worth the money. Each pregnancy seemed "heavier" even though I gained less weight. I "popped" out there faster also. They say with each pregnancy it is "normal" to experience decreased bladder control ecspecially while working out, laughing, crying uncontrollable, etc. I'm not sure any women would consider loss of bladder control to be "normal". ;)

Good luck staying active and with the rest of your pregnancy!!

mel_fitz said...

I'd say it's definitely worth getting some type of support. you need to keep up on your workouts so you feel good and you don't want to have to ride the stupid bike when you hate it. I know what you mean about the bathroom feeling. I have my own treadmill so I'd just jump of and run to the bathroom. I did wear a pad though incase of leakage (T.M.I.??). I never wore a support but I think it'll help you. let me know how it works.

Laura said...

My exercising while pregnant included walking from the kitchen to the recliner to the bathroom and back. Good for you! I bet that it would be worth it for support.

Laura said...

I actually see quite a few pregnant women with pelvic pain/pressure. You can get what's called a "mother-to-be belt" or a maternity support that helps a lot of women (I'm not sure of the specific brand we use but can check if you want). I know we sell them in our clinic, as do most Apple clinics (which are all over western WA) and I would think a lot of PT clinics would sell them as well.