One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A girl from Saginaw Michigan...

Ever heard that song? Before my time -- but I have had people sing it to me before :)

Anyway -- these pictures are better late than never I guess. We had a great visit back to Michigan to visit my family there. The weather was perfect -- it went from kinda warm to downright chilly - but there wasn't any rain to ruin our fun! Here is a picture of my mom with the kids at the zoo. Don't mind Noah -- he is mid-tantrum:Evelyn taking a break -- she was helping my parents decorate the yard with pumpkins, scarecrows, etc.
Dad with kids:Ride on the Moo-Train at the pumpkin farm:
Playing in the cornfields:Noah is a typical boy -- LOVED the machinery in the barn (4-wheeler, lawnmower, etc) Even now he keeps asking if he can see Papa and go for a ride on the 4-wheeler. Here he is riding on the lawnmower with my brother Gary:
We were able to go to my nephew Jacob's football game -- I went to Swan Valley HS -- so it was kinda fun to go back there to see a game :) Evelyn and Noah were excited to take this picture - Evelyn loved holding the helmet -- I think they thought Jacob was a pro-athlete or something!!
The trip back was pretty eventful though... involved getting stranded in the Atlanta airport, having to check into a hotel for about 6 hours, we weren't able to get bags so we only had the clothing on our backs (slept in underwear, wore the same clothing the next day, couldn't take out my contacts, almost ran out of diapers) fun fun fun...


Kara said...

Sorry to hear about your awful trip home. Glad to hear you all had a great time.

AJ said...

I love the look on Noah's face in the picture with your brother, how cute!

Sorry to hear the trip back was rough! That does not sound like fun at all!

Brianne said...

It looks like you all had a great time! That stinks that you had a rough trip home. I always think about that when I'm traveling and think I should put extra clothes, diapers, etc. in a carry-on, but I rarely do. But I've only had one layover, so it's not as big of a possibility. I figure if they lose my luggage I'll just hit up Target ;-). I'm glad it wasn't too long and that you had enough diapers. Running out could have made a rough trip a DISASTER trip. I'm glad you guys made it home safely!