One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Cuddles

Here is a little view of what we did this afternoon:
Gotta love Sundays spent on the couch :)


AJ said...

Ohhhh, I miss that newborn snuggling so much. I want another one:)

He's so sweet!

Kathy said...

Those pictures are so adorable!! Nothing better to look at then claiming picture therapy.

Kara said...

How adorable!!! I too love the snuggle time.

Jodie said...

Aww those are super cute!! I love how the dog is right up there with you. :)

mel_fitz said...

he does look cuddly.
your dog is cute, too. is she (she, right?) a king charles?