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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Double strollers?

Anybody out there have a recommendation for a good double stroller? We will have a newborn and a 16 month old... we have just started looking into strollers and I don't know where to start.

The ones that hold the infant carriers just look so enormous!! But I don't know if I would be able to live without using the infant carrier/carseat. When Evelyn was little, it was so easy to just pop her in and out of the car, stroller, etc -- and not have to unbuckle her or wake her up if she was sleeping...

Any tips or ideas?


AJ said...

I love my Graco DuoRider...seriously, love it! The wheels lock for dirt roads, and swivel for pavement. Ava is almost 40 pounds and can still ride in the front seat. I seriously put several hundred if not over a thousand miles on it this summer. It folds up nicely, we took it on all of our vacations. It is durable, we've taken it in and out of the car many times since I use it at the mall, at Grandmas house, for walks, etc. It's about $150. I looked at Toys R Us recently and saw Graco has an upgraded model...the quad something. I wish that one had been available when I bought mine becuase the weight capacity on that is 50 lbs in each seat. Other than that, there didn't seem to be any functional upgrades, only cosmetic. But I seriously love the Graco ones.

Laura said...

I love mine.
There are some pics. We were using it daily to go outside and check on the pigs until it started getting cold. It's from Target. It does the baby carrier, two seats, one seat and one standing, etc. Whatever you go with, don't get the two side-by-side, those are too wide to take shopping. (My older SIL got one and she hates it.)

Cindy said...

I have the Graco Quattro. There are pros and cons to it. I did a ton of research on double strollers and this was the best one I could find. The bad things about it- heavy...40 pounds, it does fold up nicely, but I had to take my spare tire out of my Jeep...although I think any double stroller would have caused this, it is hard to get the car seats in and out of, but I have always managed, although now that their feet hang over the edge, I will probably stop putting the car seats in there, Don't ever hang anything heavy on the handles...I did and it tipped backwards and then started to fall to the side, but we caught it. Luckily, only one baby was in the back part and he enjoyed the ride while I freaked out! The good things about it- it turns easily, has a large basket, although hard to get into once the babies are in, had dual cup holders and a "fanny pack" for keys, phone etc. It folds up and opens up real easy. It can be used for a long time. If you do buy it, there are two car seats that will fit into it...The "Snug Ride" will only last for 1 year and the "Safe Seat" will last closer to 2 years.
Even though I have a lot of cons about it, I don't know that you'll find a better one out there.


AJ said...

Reading about the Quattro, I forgot to mention how much I love the cup holder and top storage area. Great for keys, cell phone, etc. The cup holder fits my water bottle, and each of the kids has a cup holder in their seat for sippies. It also fits the Graco car seats.

Kara said...

i have 3 different double strollers. One just holds carseats which was great for the twins (very lightweight), but it won't work for a toddler.

I also have a side by side jogging type stroller, which won't work for a carrier. I don't remember the brand, but the front wheel doesn't swivel which makes it difficult to drive.

I too have the Graco double like AJ and LOVE IT. It drives nicely, nice basket underneath, and fits a carseat.

I really recommend trying different ones. See how the carseat fits and hoe much room is left. Also, evaluate how it drives and fold up.

Laura said...

The back seat of my stroller can adjust to have it recline or not. She never fussed about it. Oh and the stroller folds up enough to fit in the trunk of the Kia with room for other things. I really like that it has the ability to grow with the kids. Good luck picking one out!

The Wyatt's said...

Hi Michelle! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Kara has kept me filled in on how you are and all the exciting news of you two being pregnant together. As for double strollers... since mine were 16 months apart I totally needed one. I found a Peg Perego double stroller on sale at Burlington coat factory. The seats lay down completely flat allowing a third child to sit in it... which I do... do with the boys. Stack them 3 in a row when Caden gets tired of walking. My mom did this with us three girls since we were all so close in age. It is very light to fold up and carry. I've had mine now for almost just over 4 years, so it's been worth the money. The down side is that it doesn't have a HUGE basket or a cup holder. The upside... the model is over 4 years old, so they could have made some changes to it. It fits carseats in it also.

Good luck on searching for the perfect double stroller!! Happy Holidays!