One day while driving along with the kiddos, we passed two women running together on the sidewalk. Evelyn was all excited and yelled, "Look mommy, cool runner girls like you!!" :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here she is -- my 7 month old little girl!! It is getting harder and harder to keep her still for these pictures... It is easy to get her to laugh and smile -- but hard to keep her from grabbing the teddy bear, grabbing the sign, sucking on her toes, etc.. :)

Evelyn is doing great these days. I think we took care of her little digestion problem. She was having issues eating cereal. I know -- she is probably one of the only babies around that had issues with rice cereal. She was fine the first few days we gave it to her --- but after that, every time we would feed her, she would vomit within the next few hours. Vomit -- not just a lot of spit up. She would actually empty out her stomach and dry heave a little bit afterwards. It was so horrible to watch. It just broke mine and Trav's heart. :(
So, the pediatrician advised us to stop the cereal (obviously), take her off her reflux medicine (Prevacid) for 5 days, see if she is okay without the medication, and then introduce something other than cereal. We took her off Prevacid and thankfully didn't have the fussiness and painful spit-ups that she had when she was smaller. We introduced sweet potatoes and she loved them!! She has been eating sweet potatoes for about a week now, and we introduced pears tonight. She loves them too!! She is becoming such a good eater. It is so cute --- when she sees the spoon in front of her face she opens up her mouth like a little bird waiting for food :) She doesn't seem to have issues with digestion so far --- we are hoping the feedings continue to go well.
Not much else going on here... we went to a friend's daugher's 1st birthday party on Saturday. It was quite the event! I think moms are under a lot of pressure to have these "perfect" parties these days... I mean -- there was a theme, all the kids got a big age-appropriate gift bags, there were party favors for all the guests, etc... and it was a party for a 1 year old!! I know the first birthday is a big deal -- but is each party expected to be better than the one before? Don't get me wrong, it was a great party -- everyone had a fun time. But, what will she have to do when her daughter turns 5, 10, or 16?? I can see it now... she'll be on MTV's Sw**t Sixteen show! Has anyone else besides me actually seen that show? It is ridiculous! Sixteen year olds getting BMW SUV's for their birthday... throwing parties that cost a lot more than a wedding... Ugh! I'm glad the 1st birthday is still 5 months away!! Ha ha ha


AJ said...

Sorry to hear about her tummy issues. Noah was on Zantac for a while for reflux, but it tasted so horrible that it made him cry, scream, consequently throw up, and therefore it was not very effective.

Glad to hear she likes to baby food! It's so fun to start giving them stuff that has taste.

I've seen the sweet 16 show, it's ridiculous. JR and I watched 5 minutes of it and both said "Ava will NEVER be like those girls." I wanted to slap them!

Kara said...

I love the second pic of Evie. It looks so natural. She is such a ham!!!

I am so glad that she is eating better and able to digest the food. I am sure it was very scary seeing her vomit and react to cereal.

And yes, I have seen the MTV show. I've watched tons of episodes. I have no idea what to do for their first b-day. I think I am all about a small gathering and keeping it simple. But it is still a couple months away, so I could change my mind.

Laura said...

She is getting so big!
G has issues with rice cereal, so I tried oatmeal cereal with no issues.
I hear you on the bday parties. Case and I are awful parents, we didn't even get G a gift! We both thought we'd save our money until she'll actually remember it!

mel_fitz said...

That's good that you got the cereal thing straightened out.
Cute pics.